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Article on Artifical Christmas Trees 9/2004

Article on Artifical Christmas Trees 9/2004
September 22, 2004 -- Miami. FL introduces its "Holiday Page" at just in time for the 2004 Holiday Season. "We have expanded our website to include a wide selection of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, lights as well as Halloween decorations," states Hart Baur, partner of Nicamaka Distributors Inc. The Miami based company which operates the website. "Our customer base has expanded and so have our services and product selection."

"Artificial Christmas trees have become a large market for mainly practical reasons," says Craig Baur, partner of Nicamaka. "They are clean, easy to install, easy to take down, easy to store and will last for many years."

"An artificial Christmas Tree makes perfect sense," Baur continues. "They literally pay for themselves in a year's time. And the best part is no tree is killed in the process."

The addition of the Holiday Page is a natural progression for the ever expanding

"Many of our customers were asking about holiday items and we felt we needed to fulfill that request," says Craig Baur. "Our customers like our personal attention and we get many requests for items to add."

A wide range of Christmas Trees are available on, with the Sierra Firs, Douglas Firs, Cumberland Fir and Tiffany being the most popular. "Any tree type you like, we have," says Hart Baur. "It is important to not only offer a wide range of trees, but also to be able to help a customer with a tree that may best suit their personal desires and space requirements."

All Christmas trees are pre-lit and ready for display. The time it takes from box to setup is minimal. All the trees break down for easy storage and transport. Thousands of household fires are started each year during the holiday season as a result of the many wires required to light a natural Christmas trees. With a pre-lit tree, all the complicated wire stringing and set up is completely eliminated. The Artificial Trees sold at reduce this risk requiring only one plug-in to achieve complete light coverage and the tree will never dry out. After the New Year, the tree is simply taken down and stored until next season. The best part, no mess and no prickly pine needles dug into your beautiful carpet.

"More and more people are using artificial Christmas Trees as a means of simplifying their holidays," states Baur. "From a safety and cleanliness standpoint it just makes sense, especially if there are children involved."

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