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Hammock Cross Weave - Tufted Chenille

Hammock Cross Weave - Tufted Chenille
Item# brha
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These cross-woven tufted chenille hammocks are machine loomed with cotton chenilles, tufted or un-tufted, in a variety of colors. These beautiful and wonderfully comfortable hammocks are manufactured either with or without tufting and fringed edgings.

These soft and supple hammocks are extremely comfortable, luxurious and practical. They differ from the Mayan and Nicaraguan sprang weave hammocks in that they are not ventilated within the weave, and are, therefore, less cooling in the summer heat. But on the contrary, they are ideal for cooler nights or temperate weather use. Many people prefer these hammocks for sleeping and overnight use because they are tightly woven, and thus feel more snug and secure.

Hammocks without spreader bars are safer, more comfortable and easier to use both outdoors and indoors - great for lofts! When used indoors they also function as spare guest room beds, bunk beds for the kids, reading or TV chairs for all, and even nursing recliners for new mothers.