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Buy Early - Pre-Lit Christmas Trees Sell Out Quickly

As the summer winds down and the kids get ready to drop their surf boards and pick up their books, parents are thinking of back to school shopping, final family cookouts and Christmas trees. …. Wait a second, did I just write Christmas trees? Isn’t it still August?

Christmas is approaching faster than you think and with it the mad rush to get everything needed for a successful holiday season. Ah, yes, you say, it is only August, so why the rush?

The reason is simple: availability.

“You would be surprised how many Christmas tree orders we get in August,” says Hart Baur of Nicamaka Distributors, owners of “We sold out of some tree models by September. It was crazy, but there is only a limited supply of the really good quality trees. If I had any advice, it would be to buy early and lock your tree up.”

2004 saw record sales, with an overall increase of about 30% in pre-lit trees from 2003 and this year to date, is on pace to surpass last year by nearly the same margin. Nancy Schauer of Roman, Inc attributes the increase to the vast improvement in the quality of the Christmas trees. “Today’s technology makes these trees so life like that it is difficult to distinguish between the artificial and the natural. More and more people are asking themselves why go through the hassle of a real tree when the artificial one has so many positive aspects.”

The vast increase in pre-lit tree sales is also attributed to the simplicity and ease in which they are utilized. Sonia Adrover, the South Florida Sales Representative of Roman Inc. adds, “The trees are easy to put together, no mess and once the holiday is over, the tree is simply stored until next year. Take into account time and frustration spent with stringing lights and it is easy to understand why the popularity is skyrocketing.” Add to the fact that most trees have a long life span; it is an investment that will last five to seven years, notwithstanding time saved each year in search of that perfect tree.

The only problem is that demand is now greater than the supply. The market has grown to such a level that many of the more popular models are sold out by late October. By mid- November, those who procrastinate are often scrambling to find any tree, often settling for their third or fourth choice.

“Everybody has a particular tree that they like, unfortunately some of the favorites are gone for the season and people end up taking what is available,” said Baur. “It would be a good idea to figure out what you want, buy it and lock it up. Otherwise you may miss out.”

Now is the time to start researching. Preview the largest selection of pre-lit Christmas trees on the internet at - Remember, it may be only August, but the pre-lit tree season starts early. Be prepared.