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Nicamaka CABIN Sprang-Woven Hammock - AQUA

Nicamaka CABIN Sprang-Woven Hammock - AQUA
Add Install Kit:  Add a Pillow/Bolster Set $40: 
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The Nicamaka "Cabin" sprang-woven hammock is a personal sized hammock without crochet coverlet borders or decorative detailing. Its ideal for use at your cabin, on camping, fishing, or hunting trips most anywhere you want a single-sized, no frills, comfortable sprang-woven hammock.

The Cabin hammock comes with cast-nylon support-eye thimbles to resist salt and humidity. Hanging Length is 13' (4.0M); Bed Length is 96" (2.45M); Weight is 5# (2.3K)

All Nicamaka hammocks start with factory-dyed, high-quality imported polyester, polycotton or cotton yarns that artisans twist into cords, sprang-weave into transverse stretch beds, and then perform all of the configuration, adjustment, detail & finish work by hand.

(Accompanying photo may be shown with optional display pillows or bolsters.)

Don't forget to order an INSTALL KIT!

Kit for Wood Structure - Instructions, 2-each 3/8" lag screw eye bolts, 2-each 0.305" S hooks, and 2-each 10'-pieces of 1/4" polyester adjusting rope.

Kit for Concrete Structure - Instructions, 2-each 3/8" machine thread eye bolts, 2-each Hilti concrete anchors, 2-each 0.305" S hooks, and 2-each 10'-pieces of 1/4" polyester adjusting rope.

Tree Hugger Kit - Set of tree straps, 2-each 0.305" S-hooks, and 2-each 10'-pieces of 1/4" polyester adjusting rope.

Increase your comfort with BOLSTERS and PILLOWS!

Nicamaka has developed a novel display bolster to add flair and comfort to your hammock experience. When matched with the 12" x 16" comfort pillow you have the perfect Pillow-Bolster Set - and at a savings over ordering individually.

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