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These Colombian hammocks from Bogota reflect the temperate climate of that hilly environment. These are made with a soft, cross-woven fabric woven with Carolina yarn - a blend of wool and Orlon that is both soft and strong with great color retention. They are the most beautiful and comfortable of the Colombian Hammocks. The loom process allows the lengthwise yarns to be braided to facilitate colorful and functional attachment to support arms and also to be hand-worked, macrame fashion, to create beautifully finished, intricate border fringe patterns.

Hammocks with shorter spreader bars are safer, more comfortable and easier to use both outdoors from supports or in stands and indoors When used indoors they also function as spare guest room beds, bunk beds for the kids, reading or TV chairs for all, and even nursing recliners for new mothers. The plus shoulder-width bar used in these hammocks works well and safely when used in a low-attach stand and is without the instability of wider bars.