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Dayva Outdoor Furniture

Dayva Outdoor Furniture
The addition of furniture to your garden provides just the right blend of beauty and functionality. At Buyhammocks.com our garden furniture is designed specifically to provide a relaxing place to rest or hideaway but not detract from the brilliance of your garden setting. In fact, it is to enhance your garden / patio design to make it a complete paradise. To help you cretae a garden retreat where you can relax or entertain with comfort and beauty.

When selecting garden furniture for your outdoor retreat be sure take a close look at the style and comfort features built into each one of our pieces. Each bench, chair, coffee table and dining table is constructed to meet exacting standards, all with customer's comfort in mind. Dayva's modern designs, traditional designs and those that fall in between, will offer you a complete selection for your garden / patio and you will find a full spectrum of garden furniture accents right here at Buyhammocks.com

The Teak by Dayva and Hardwood by Dayva lines offer a unique collection of elegant outdoor furniture in Teak and natural hardwood from Asia.

The Teak and Asian Hardwood Outdoor Furniture that Dayva offers is of the highest quality and all pieces have a spectacular smooth finish. Your pleasure, comfort and enjoyment are assured whether you place it on your deck, your patio, or in your garden. Our Teak and Hardwood is weather resistant, and an ideal addition to your outdoor decor.

Malibu Teak Position Arm Chair
Regular price: $219.00
Sale price: $199.00, 2$379.00
Malibu Teak Arm Chair
Regular price: $209.00
Sale price: $189.00, 2$359.00
Malibu 4 Foot Teak Bench
Regular price: $259.00
Sale price: $229.00
Malibu 5 Foot Teak Bench
Regular price: $329.00
Sale price: $299.00