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Fiberbuilt Umbrella Base • On-Site Concrete Filled Bases 90 LBS • 125 LBS • 175 LBS

Fiberbuilt® Umbrella Concrete-Fill  Bases 90lb - 125lb - 150lb - 175lb
Fiberbuilt® Umbrella Concrete-Fill Bases 90lb - 125lb - 150lb - 175lb
Item# FB90-125-175
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The perfect umbrella base for the perfect umbrella. The Fiberbuilt Umbrella Base with its diameter is ideal for the deck, sidewalk cafe, poolside or backyard. The Gel-coated reinforced molded fiberglass shell is easily filled with concrete on location. A through-bolt securely attaches the umbrella pole to the base for maximum base support. No rust or rot due to layered fiberglass construction.

As a general rule for FREE STANDING umbrellas you will need the following: 7.5' Umbrella = 90lb base, 9' Umbrella = 125lb base, 11' Umbrella = 175lb base.

If you will be using the umbrella with a table the following applies: 7.5' & 9' Umbrellas = 90lb base, 11' Umbrella = 125lb base

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