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Harpster 18' x 20' Heavy Duty Canopy

Harpster 18' x 20' Heavy Duty Canopy
Harpster 18' x 20' Heavy Duty Canopy
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The Harpster 18' x 20' Steel Canopy is a large, sturdy and very functional canopy cover. It perfect for the back yard, or carport. Also great as a boat cover, where it is vital to protect your assest from the elements. Offers important protection from the rain and sun. Is great for the side of the house where your cars, boat, or other vaulable items may be exposed to the elements. Sets up in minutes, the 18' x 20' comes with 17 Gauge steel poles for strength and lasting durability. The Frame poles have a diamater of 1.315''. The Harpster 18' x 20' is a bit more rugged than other Gazebos and is a great way to add extra protection to your assets. Also is great for the backyard parties, of just a shaded place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The Harpster 18' x 20' can also be used for parties, picnics or any school or athletic function.

If you plan on keeping your canopy up for the season reccomends the Heavy Duty Gauge Steel Frame as this will hold itself better with the wind and elements. Remember, it i sbetter to have a good quaility frame, than one with less gauge and strength. Made in the USA. Usually ships UPS Next Business Day. Ships in two boxes.