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Halloween & Thanksgiving Lighted Decorations

Halloween & Thanksgiving Decor
Halloween is a great holiday that allows for much fun and festivities. Now at Buyhammocks.com you can get what you need to make this special day fun, colorful and exciting for the family. Lights, ornaments and trees are now available at Buyhammocks.com. Halloween is a time of brights autum lights, scary decorations and spooky designs.

The History of Halloween decorations dates back to the Irish who are credited with developing the first Jack-O-Lanterns. The Irish legend tells of a prankster named Jack who once tricked Satan and was denied entrance to Heaven after he died because of his evil ways, and denied access to Hell because he had tricked the devil. Instead, he was given a single ember to light his way through the darkness. He placed the ember into a turnip, forever doomed to wander with his lantern until Judgment Day.

Turnips were used by the Irish as their "Jack’s lanterns." They believed spirits left the grave on Halloween and sought warmth in their previous homes, but were scared away by this image of a damned soul. When immigrants came to America, they found pumpkins were more plentiful than turnips. The now familiar Jack-O-Lantern had taken its place in legend.

So, now that you know the history of Halloween, have some fun with it, decorate it up and be the envy of the neighborhood. Make your children proud! Have the best Halloween decorations on your street!

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