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History Of Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock

History Of Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock
The Original Pawleys Island Rope HammockŪ was created in 1889 at Pawleys Island, one of the oldest summer resorts on the South Carolina coast. Captain Joshua John Ward, a river boat pilot who barged rice and supplies between nearby Georgetown and the great rice plantations of the South Carolina low country, found the grass-filled mattresses on his boat too hot in the summer.

He decided to make a cool and comfortable cotton rope hammock for use on his boat. After several uncomfortable designs, Cap'n Josh made a hammock using wooden spreaders without knots. This original design has proven to be so comfortable, that it is still used in our popular hammocks, over a century later.

Using the highest quality materials, our hammocks are available in the traditional all-cotton rope or the soft spun polyester rope. Our custom designed stretcher bars are cut from seasoned Carolina red oak, then steamed, bent, drilled, sanded, and varnished -- all to impart a comfortable sway to the hammock and to spread the rope evenly for optimum stability.

As an onlooker in our weaving room, where the hammock is knitted, you will find yourself keeping time to the rhythmic motion of the skilled native craftsmen. As they work a needle of rope in and out of the hammock body, they create symmetric patterns and lend a touch of art to the unique and interesting craft. You can often hear the enchanting sounds of "gullah" in conversation and song, which represents a distinct southern low country style of dialect and unique part of our American heritage. Once the hammock body is woven, it is connected to strong plaited ends and then strung through the oak stretcher bars. Nautical bowline knots attach the ends to the body of the hammock. Upon final inspection, each hammock is marked with the traditional metal tag to ensure its authenticity as an Original Pawleys Island Rope HammockŪ.

Today, The Original Pawleys Island Rope HammockŪ is sold around the world. Thousands of our friends now experience the comfort and tradition of an Original Pawleys Island Rope HammockŪ.