NicaStand™ High-Attach Hammock Stand For Non-Spreader-Bar Hammocks at BuyHammocks.Com
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Commercial Orders Only Contact For availability NicaStand© Nicamaka®'s Sculptured, Arched Support For Hammocks Without Stretcher/Spreader Bars

Gracefully arched, electroplated zinc/chromate and powder coated square structural steel tubing hammocks-hamacas support. Overall length 14.5' with 7' high support hooks for ideal hammocks-hamacas suspension. Four curved legs support a two-part, curved center spine joined at the center with a bolted angle spline. Although designed for dramatic outside use, this hammocks/hamacas support will actually fit inside a 10'x10' room.

Purchase hammocks-hamacas stand only, with optional vinyl-coated fiberglas mesh sunshade with attaching straps, or complete with a "Couples" model hammock-hamaca. All are UPS-able. These stands are not for hammocks-hamacas that have stretcher/spreader bars.