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HAMMOCK MOSQUITO NET for Hammocks Without Spreader Bars

HAMMOCK MOSQUITO NET for Hammocks Without Spreader Bars
Item# nicanet
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This hammock mosquito net affords protection from mosquitoes and other flying insects while using a non spreader bar hammock. Fits Mayan, Brazilian, Colombian, SINGLE and COUPLE size Nicamaka hammocks. 320 holes per sq in Strong Polyester Netting Carry Case Included.

This novel mosquito net completely encloses a bar-less hammock to afford full protection from biting insects. Put the arms of the hammock through the sleeves of the net and fasten the cuffs snugly to the hammock ends. Adjust the height of the net with the end tapes to center the net over the hammock. Enter the netting through the zippered side opening. Settle in and zip up the entrance.

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