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Nicamaka Pillow/Bolster Set for Hammocks

Nicamaka Pillow/Bolster Set
Nicamaka Pillow/Bolster Set
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Nicamaka Pillow/Bolster Sets for Hammocks can help make your hammock experience even more comfortable!

Nicamaka's small, 12"x16", flame retardant, fiber-filled comfort pillow is an ideal accessory for use with a NicamakaŽ or any other brand of hammock. The pillow is small enough to not overwhelm the hammock, yet thick enough for good neck support. It's the perfect size for added comfort when reclining, reading, or TV viewing.

The original Nicamaka spreader bolster was a foam cylinder covered with a drawstring cover. This bolster worked well for hammock display, but was uncomfortable when used as a pillow. NicamakaŽ has developed a new 5" x 32" bolster with a fiberfill core which is now softer and far less bouncy and stiff, functioning more like a comfortable pillow.

Bolsters also add a decorative flair, accentuating the beautiful yarns and patterns of the NicamakaŽ hammock. Use the spreader bolster at one end with a pillow, or put the pillow and bolster at opposite ends for a great hammock look.

Some prefer only pillows, others only bolsters, so these items are also available separately.

Pillow/Bolster Set - Ecru Chenille
Ecru Chenille
Pillow/Bolster Set - Fiesta Stripes
Fiesta Stripes
Pillow/Bolster Set -  Green Chenille
Green Chenille
Pillow/Boster Set - Blue/Yellow Pinstripes
Blue/Yellow Pinstripes