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Comfort Pillows, Spreader-Bolsters & Sets

Comfort Pillows & Bolsters for Hammocks
Hammocks are so popular and widely used because they afford a unique source of comfort and relaxation. And adding a pillow or bolster to the hammock experience can make something great even better!

Nicamaka® has developed a fiber-foam spreader bolster which conveniently spreads bar-less hammocks with a decorative flair - and the bolster's flexible core doesn't cause the instability associated with fixed wooden bar hammocks. This bolster is a beautiful, safe, and comfortable way to accentuate the beautiful yarns and patterns of your Nicamaka® hammock - and increase your relaxation.

A spreader bolster at one end and a pillow at the other is a great "look" for hammocks, though some hammock users prefer using two pillows - or two bolsters. The choice is yours - and pillows and bolsters are also available separately.

Nicamaka Comfort Pillow
Nicamaka Spreader Bolster
Nicamaka Pillow/Bolster Set
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