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Power of Love Foundation - Project Mosquito Net

Power of Love Foundation  - Project Mosquito Net
The Power of Love Foundation is a secular, US nonprofit that was founded in 2002 by three friends, Suresh and Alka Subramanian and Ellen Furnari, to develop community responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

For some years, they had been traveling to and funding programs in Kenya and Zambia independently. They found two significant problems that moved them to action. First, while the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic was being fought in the small communities, little funding was actually going there. Second, what little funding was going to community AIDS relief organizations was most often needed to fulfill immediate on-the-ground requirements. Little flexibility existed within these organizations to design and test new, potentially more effective models of response. The founders believed that by utilizing technology and business processes appropriately to build creative solutions, a great opportunity existed to increase the level of care from each dollar received. By increasing the output, more funding could be attracted to communities.

In 2005, the Power of Love Foundation added a malaria prevention program called “Project Mosquito Nets”, as a person who is HIV positive is more vulnerable to malaria and this disease could prove fatal in children less than five years of age. In Africa, over 700,000 children die needlessly every year from Malaria, a disease that is easily preventable and curable. In fact, more children die from Malaria than any other disease in the world. In addition, many more children contract malaria and suffer from its effects over their entire lifetime.

So how do we eradicate malaria? One child and one mosquito bed net at a time. In the US, malaria has been eradicated. It is possible to eradicate it worldwide.

Project Mosquito Net is Power of Love's initiative to provide insecticide treated bed nets to children and pregnant mothers in Zambia. The project has grown significantly over the last 6 years, and the goal continues to be eradicating malaria in the region.

We need your help to do this! 100% of the funds raised for this project go directly to purchasing and transporting long lasting insecticide treated bed nets.

"If you put plain old bed nets around and do it properly and spray them with insecticide, you can get rid of half the malaria deaths in Africa, and that's at least a million a year." -- Michael Specter, writer for the New Yorker magazine

For $10 you can donate two mosquito nets to a family in need, thus potentially saving a life. Malaria can be fatal for children who are HIV positive, and until eradicated, it will continue to cause devastation in Africa.

Power of Love Foundation 11626 Alderidge Lane San Diego, CA 92131 Tel: 858-483-3400

To donate, please visit: Power of Love