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"Ready Net" No See Um Bed Canopy - Superior Protection from Dangerous Flying Insects

"Ready Net" No-See-Um Netting Bed Canopy
"Ready Net" No-See-Um Netting Bed Canopy
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The "Ready Net" mosquito net/bed canopy provides essential protection against mosquitoes and other pesky, dangerous flying insects carrying the West Nile Virus.

The "Ready Net" mosquito netting/bed canopy hangs from a single point, has 28" diameter top, pop out spreader ring, is 8 Ft tall, has a 40' circumference at the bottom, and is without side openings. This mosquito net neatly tucks under a mattress or sleeping mat to insure a quality insect barrier.

Many adventurers and world travelers prefer the "Ready Net" for its great protection. And it's also easy to pack and light weight. Perfect for those sleeping in mosquito hostile areas. The "Ready Net" No-See-Um Canopy is is made with nylon netting that provides a shimmering and stylish draping decor with the ultimate protection. Packaged in a clear carry bag, it is easily packed and ideal for travel to areas where protection is a priority. Fits easily in any suitcase or carry bag. Be safe, carry a "Ready Net"!

520 holes per square inch. Available in white only. The standard Ready Net has 196 holes per square inch)