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Screen Room Background

Screen Room Background

Pop Up Screen rooms have become a widely popular item the past two years on the American market. The idea of having a complete room that opens up in seconds is an appealing option to those who spend a great deal of time in the great outdoors. Their uses have become varied, their users are being more inventive, and popularity is skyrocketing.

The pop up screen room is of a simple design its technology uses gravity and spring coils to produce a tension frame that pushes outward, thus expanding to its full size and able to stand alone. The sizes and shapes vary, making each screen room different. Whether for the beach, the park, athletic field or RV aficionado, people are turning to pop up screen rooms to assist in their outdoor recreation.

Andy Copeland of Frikon Industries, a major manufacturer of several pop up screen rooms states that “the main reason for their popularity is you can sit outside & not be bothered by bugs --especially mosquitoes. The West Nile scare has increased awareness for basic protection.” With today’s technology, it is possible to have a complete enclosed and free standing room hidden in the confines of one’s trunk. An ideal solution to space restrictions, as traveling can sometimes lead to overstuffed trunks, luggage racks or back seats. The lack of cargo space makes the choice of bringing a conventional tent or sunshade a non-issue due to natural space restrictions.

Setting up a pop up room takes literally seconds. It is about as easy as removing the item from the carry bag, and pulling out the sides, and Presto! Instant free standing room! No tent poles, complex instructions to ruin your outing, and who has time to fuss with that? If you have a soccer team waiting to change into their uniforms, a view to enjoy or simply just want a room to relax in while reading a book, why waste your time on set-up?

The popularity of the screen room is changing the way people look at the outdoors and camping. “While camping you can stay outside rather then stay in your tent if you have easy to carry & set-up screen rooms such as the pop-up rooms that are portable , easy to set up & relatively easy to fold-up. It’s not a new phenomenon but rather an improvement on the old steel pole screen tent,” said Copeland.

The two most important and popular reasons for screen room popularity, beside the easy set up, are shade and mosquito protection. “People are much more cognizant of protecting themselves and their families,” said Hart Baur of Nicamaka Distributors. “Ten years ago, people were much less aware of the dangers of the sun, and West Nile was somewhere in Egypt. The screen room is a perfect combination as it covers both sides of the spectrum.”

The first and most prevalent use of the screen room is mosquito protection. Each room is a completely enclosed room, with screen sides that allow air flow, while keeping flying insects out. These rooms are gaining popularity with those who travel to places where mosquitoes are a problem, especially anyone setting up camp near or in the woods, or near any standing water. Whether used at a camp site, athletic park or road side rest area, the pop up screen room is a functional piece that will protect those inside from mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Used as a sunshade/sun screen, these rooms are also gaining popularity. With the covered, shaded top and on some models shaded sides, the screen room offers practical sun and heat protection. While not 100% UV resistant, and depending on the model, these screen rooms allow for ample shelter for the user.

Now before purchasing a screen room, one must take into account the size and model that best suits the need and situation. There are three main sizes, the 6’ x 6’, the Hexagonal and the 8’ x 8’. Each model differs in size, purpose and functionality. “Know why and what you are buying it for before you make the purchase,” said Baur.