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Sisal Tapestry - Pela de Bolatil

Sisal Tapestry  - Pela de Bolatil
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Sisal Tapestry  - Pela de Bolatil
These striking wall hangings are handcrafted with dyed sisal ropes laid parallel in intricately worked out patterns. The designs of the wall tapestries are realized by first nailing a rope onto a template board and as each subsequent, adjacent rope is nailed alongside, they are then sewn together and the next rope is added to the previous rope strand and so on until the wall hangings are complete. When all the ropes are securely nailed and sewn, the tapestry wall hanging is complete,the nails are then removed. There is at least 40 hours of artisan hand labor in each of the 47"x33" sized wall hangings. Truly a detailed and laborious process that can only be done by skilled and patient craftsmen. Hanging loops are sewn on the backs to facilitate wall hangings. This stiking tapestry wall hangings are by Luis of Masaya. Landscape Format, Size 47"x33"