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"Tree Hugger" Tree-Friendly Hammock Install Kit

"Tree Hugger" Tree-Friendly Hammock Install Kit
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The "Tree Hugger" Tree-Friendly Hammock Attachment Install Kit is a portable attachment for connecting hammocks to trees and posts.

This set includes two 6', 2" wide, dark green, polyester straps with "D" rings and connecting ring.

The "D" rings allow the strap to be drawn or cinched tightly and easily around poles, tree trunks or branches up to 2' in diameter. The connecting ring receives a hook or adjusting rope from the hammock.

As often there is need for additional adjustment due to different distances between trees, we suggest also purchasing the adjusting ropes and wider S hooks as well. This consists of two 10' 1/4" rope sections, two 3/8" lag-screw eye-bolts, and two wider "S" hooks. The rope sections, when tied into loops with "fisherman" knots, provides quick doubling or tripling adjustments, the wider hooks allow for direct attachment to hammock support eyes, and the extra lag-screw eye-bolts can be used for different hanging applications.

Tree experts suggest that constriction devices such as this one not be left permanently around the tree as it will restrict sap flow over time.