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What you need to know about outdoor / all weather wicker

What you need to know about outdoor / all weather wicker
by Kenny F Leichester

A home is for life. You would want to make your house the place where you would love to be in, to rest, or wake up in the morning to. Mismatch furniture can be a big turn off. It will not help create that home sweet home atmosphere in your own house. Therefore, you should go for something that will turn on your mood. Wicker is one of the best choice. Ideally, wicker furniture was never meant to endure the harsh outdoor weather. Classic wicker furniture are made of fibers which become brittle and dry after long hours under the sun. Water and moisture eventually loosen the weaving which leaves most owners with no other choice but to keep the furniture solely for indoor use. Fortunately, new technologies have made wicker outdoor furniture a possibility.

Wicker is not a type of material. Rather, it is the way materials like Rattan, Bamboo, Reed, Cane, and Paper Fiber are weaved. Although these are the most sought after, they are still not tough enough for the weather. New technology has introduced Resin and Viro Fiber which can withstand any types of weather.

- There are a few reasons why you should get resin or polypropylene resin. This new synthetic property is heat proof as well as fading, cracking and discoloring. You never have to worry about repainting it unless you want to decorate your living room with new colors. Other than that you will be glad to know that resin is also moisture proof.

- You would be happy to know that there is a furniture out there with a material that can withstand almost anything like hot temperature, weather changes, UV light, chlorine and salt water. The material is Viro fiber. It is polyethylene based so its one of the most durable material in the market.

Homeowners' number one fear is getting the furniture dirty or smudged. This is especially true for white or lighter color furniture. Resin and Viro fiber will not make you worry any longer. They are easy to clean materials that are resistant to smudges and discoloration. With a little soap and water, you can have your wicker outdoor furniture looking new everytime despite the weather it is under.

Just because the furniture is marketed as all weather wicker doesn't imply that it is of the best quality. Some things to keep in mind before making a purchase are:

- You should be careful when buying low priced all weather wicker furniture. They might be substituted with weak materials like Bamboo or Rattan. There will rot and decay easily so don't be cheated.

- Weaving should be done tightly. Make sure that the furniture has no gaps or loose ends as this may cause premature damage.

- If you have pets or young children, you may want to reconsider buying very expensive wicker furniture especially white wicker furniture (permanent markers may be difficult to wash off) even if it is made from durable materials such as Resin and Viro Fiber. Though these furniture claim extreme durability and sturdiness, constant abuse from pets and children may leave a few dents here and there.

- Are there any protections for the leg bottoms? You should equip your furniture with casters before placing them on top of your expensive floorings. You can fix them on yourself if you want.

There are a few things that will make your wicker become more lively. You can have pillows, cushions or rugs with the wicker patio furniture . Contrasting colors will bring out the wicker. You should keep the furniture moderate so you won't overwhelm you home with unnecessary furniture. You should have fun when shopping for your wicker and choose the one that will complement your home an personality with a budget that will not devastate your bank account.