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History of Coolaroo Gazebos

Australia, the last frontier, is renowned for its extreme and unpredictable weather. Daylight often brings searing heat making life somewhat unbearable in the open, while at night the temperature can plummet to below zero in certain areas.

Almost 50 years ago one company recognized the opportunity to challenge Australia’s harsh weather extremes, and identified a remarkable solution to help modify them. That company was Gale Pacific Australia. Through advanced engineering, Gale Pacific set about pioneering a world–first; a unique marriage of monofilament and polymer tape technologies to create an entirely new type of knitted fabrics. This state–of–the–art material lies at the very heart of virtually every Gale Pacific product, providing the ultimate protection from the relentless Australian sun.

The company is now known as Gale Pacific Limited; a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company enjoys a fine reputation among consumers and industry leaders alike and Gale Pacific Limited’s extensive manufacturing operation extend well beyond the sun drenched shores of Australia. Increasingly, our unique sun protection fabric can be found in any number of leisure, industrial and agricultural products in many other countries around the world: including the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Our continuing growth and success, and our ability to remain internationally competitive across our entire range, is enhanced by key strategic manufacturing operations in Australia, New Zealand and the USA as well as our newly established plant located in Ningbo, China.

The Gale Pacific Limited range of sun protection products which feature the unique all–weather sun protection fabric are marketed worldwide under the Coolaroo brand; a brand that is now widely regarded as the leader in quality sun protection.

Coolaroo domestic shadecloth and leisure products include gazebos, market umbrellas, shade sails, vertical and horizontal window awnings plus a host of associated lines that are widely used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications. Coolaroo products are sold into home and garden markets, commercial horticulture, building and construction industries, agriculture, mining and resource industries, home improvement and recreation segments.

Gale Pacific Limited is a truly entrepreneurial enterprise providing both the domestic and commercial markets under the Coolaroo brand with a wide range of practical, everyday products and accessories to support and improve our fragile environment as well as people’s lifestyles.