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Michael Caravita Umbrellas

Michael Caravita Umbrellas
The Caravita Umbrella Line is a German designed and manufactured umbrella line that is built to last for many years. The Caravita offers durability and economical shade options for restaurants, resorts or backyards.

Each model brings a different look and feel to your project. The Caravita line is an umbrella that will last, look great, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor experience. With Caravita's 5-year guarantee, it is a perfect fit for your umbrella needs.

With Caravita, you have a vast array of options, so you can craft your own perfect umbrella design! From the shade color, to the frame color, Caravita allows you so many options you will be able to create your perfect outdoor design. From creative designs to hundreds of bold colors to simple handles to internal cranks, our extensive and versatile design possibilities are the most diverse on the market.

Custom Graphics are available of all Caravita Umbrellas, so please call 866-377-1224 for more details.

Special phone discounts are available, so please call and ask.