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History Of MombasaŽ Bed Canopies

History Of MombasaŽ Bed Canopies
Yungjohann, pronounced "Young John" began making and selling simple mosquito nets in Key West in the 1970's. What started out as a hobby and more of a diversion during the festive Key West lifestyle of the 70's, soon turned into a viable business that soon became Mombasa.

Youngjohann and his girlfriend cut the nets by hand out onto the floor of their apartment and hand sewed them together. The tropical and exotic look of the mosquito nets attracted the curious eye. They hung the nets from a roadside tree and sold them by the side of US1. To their amazement they sold. In fact they sold really well, so well that they could not keep up with the demand.

Then Yungjohann went into business for real. He started with the Mombasa Magic Mosquito Net. This was a decorative bed canopy that coudl be used anywhere. Over the sofa, in the bedroom, on the patio, hot tub, etc.

Next he expanded the line creating the Mombasa Majesty Four Point Canopy, which now allowed the larger king sized bed the to use his netting. Soon, to his amazement, people were suing the netting for decor as much as they were for actual mosquito protection.

In the 1980's he moved his operation to Texas, where Mombasa exists today as the largest US manufacturer of bed canopies and mosquito nets. Although much of the work is now sourced out to Thailand, through the Siam Dutch Company, Mombasa still represents quality and is renowned throughout the industry as the top of the line bed canopy manufactuer in the world.